We’ve got all kinds of camping accessories that make our camping trips fun and unique. You can get to your destination safely and easily, so I’ll share some of the accessories that I love the most.

My all-time favorite is an electric space heater. This saves me a ton of time before and after camp. I have no problem spending the time in my tent to heat up my body or get the room to move to the warmth of my sleeping bag. Most space heaters use a solar panel to charge the batteries, but when there isn’t enough sun out I’ve got the little solar heater on hand.

Plastic storage boxes are also great for storing all my extra clothes when I’m away from home. I’ve used this for storing other types of gear that may not fit in other boxes, and even for wrapping presents! These plastic storage boxes come in all different sizes and shapes.

A small camping tool is a must! And, a very small one. I’ve been so amazed at how small these tools are, that I can usually use them as scrapers or razors, or whatever I need.

The flashlight and flashlight are indispensable. These are super small, battery-powered devices that I will carry everywhere I go. Plus, they are ultra-lightweight, making them easy to carry even with the extra weight of a tent or air mattress.

A spray bottle for cleaning clothing is a necessity. We’ve had problems in the past with leaking and after each clean, with having to deal with dirt and grime, and eventually, more dirty clothes! A quality bottle with a cotton screen is going to last longer and have a lower chance of having leaks.

And, the final item in my list of camping accessories is a waterproof case, that doubles as a bottle cover. Since I always carry my water bottle, it is nice to have a waterproof case with me.

The case will protect the support material from mud, or rocks, or even pet hair that may get caught between the zipper. It will also protect the support material from your children if you leave the bottle inside the tent while they play.

I’m pretty lucky that we’ve never had any issues with rain during our camping trips. But, if it does happen I’ve always used the same tool for cleaning it off, and it has worked for me.

Here’s a simple fix that will keep your tent dry. Add a little bit of dish soap to the tent material and a couple of drops of the cleaning liquid to it. Shake it up and use it as a dryer sheet before putting your tent away.

Using a new way to pack everything down, and a few tricks I learned to camp, have made my camping trips much more enjoyable. I now enjoy the opportunity to shop for camping equipment online and pick up bargains to save money.

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