Asthma is a condition that affects the airways of the lungs and causes them to become inflamed. There are two kinds of asthma, namely, short-term and long-term. The severity of each will determine what type of treatment will be prescribed.

Short-term asthma is usually temporary relief from shortness of breath. The condition usually resolves within a day or two. People who suffer from short-term asthma are usually advised to take a medication that will temporarily relieve their symptoms.

Long-term asthma is normally diagnosed by an allergist. This doctor can detect any allergic reaction in the patient that may be the cause of their problem. If a person has a history of this condition, they may need to be put on a medication for asthma to help them deal with the symptoms more effectively.

In order to help a person control their asthma, there is a specific medication for asthma that will be prescribed. Once the medications are in place, people are advised to keep themselves well hydrated at all times. They should also avoid too much stress in their lives.

Asthma sufferers should try to avoid all forms of excessive exercise, especially in hot weather. It is important that they drink plenty of water so that they do not feel dehydrated. They should be able to manage their asthma through inhalers and the occasional physical activity.

Certain foods and beverages can make asthma worse. For example, caffeine can be dangerous for someone with asthma. Caffeine is a stimulant that will worsen the condition if taken in large quantities.

When having a baby, be sure to watch the baby closely. When it gets hungry, the mother’s wheezing can be heard clearly in the baby’s ears. It is not possible to keep the baby calm long enough during feeds so the best thing to do is to quiet her so that she can sleep longer.

Asthma is commonly referred to as “dry mouth” but it can be more than that. Dryness can contribute to breathing problems if not treated. Avoid foods and drinks that have too much moisture because they can also make it worse.

Asthma cases are very rare in adults who smoke. Although smoking is not good for anyone, asthma does not seem to be affected by it. Smoking can aggravate asthma since it contains nicotine. It is also the number one cause of childhood asthma.

People who are pregnant should take preventative medication to lower the risks of having asthma. It is very common for people who are pregnant to have asthma in their first trimester. Pregnant women who are considered to be at risk should consider using inhalers.

One important way to get rid of asthma is to eat a healthy diet and to drink plenty of water. Eat a variety of foods that are rich in fiber. Avoid too much salt because it can worsen the condition.

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