Our life revolves around relationships. We have family relationships, work relationships, and romantic relationships. Is your relationship going the way you want it? Before getting involved in a romantic relationship, it is good to ask yourself such questions. Would you like to get into an erotic and short-term relationship only to discover later that the other person is looking for a long-term commitment? Do you feel like dating a person when there is no personal chemistry involved?

The foundation of a successful relationship depends on the quality time you spend together. What you feel when you are together, how you behave in each other’s presence are important observations to make. Remember, emotions are not rational; there is no logic to why you like someone and don’t like another. You must watch your own reactions and the responses of the other person sensitively.

There are situations where advice fails to work. Every situation is unique in itself. Lack of communication in a relationship spells doom. The phrase silence speaks might work in some cases but not always.

Following three C’s are the basis of a successful relationship dating, whether it is short or long term, erotic or wild:


Do you feel shy in discussing sensitive issues? Are you the kind of person who waits for the other person to break the ice? This is not the correct approach. Conveying things at an earlier stage prevents chaos later. However, a blatant approach may also end up in a disaster. Relationship dating is a sensitive issue. You should handle it with care. Communicate properly and carefully before fixing a date.


Be very clear about the commitment level you expect from each other. If you are looking for an erotic relationship, convey it through various indirect gestures at the very outset. You are more compatible if you share similar beliefs and values in your lives. The more like-minded you are, the more deep-rooted your relationship is likely to be.


You must have a great deal of mutual understanding. A successful relationship involves a lot of give-and-take. It is not one-way traffic; it is reciprocal. Reciprocity increases your compatibility level with each other.

Last but not the least, sex plays a very vital role in a successful relationship. Sex is a way of expressing your total love. However, before giving expression to your love be very honest with each other. Be very sure about how long you want to carry on!

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